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Real Estate Practice

My background in Real Estate predates law school. I began working in real estate titles as a teenager in my father's title company where I learned title searching, including metes and bounds deed descriptions and the review of Wills and filed Estates.

My range of legal representation runs from representing clients with Agreements for Sale or Purchases of single family homes through representing investors involved with multi-family and commercial real estate.

In doing work with telecommunications and pipeline companies, I have worked on issues involving easements, rights of way, oil and gas leases, fiber optic cable rights, wireless tower and facilities leases. In addition to negotiating settlements of outstanding issues with landowners, I have reviewed and revised hundreds of leases.

Available for review, consultation, negotiation, and litigation of real property issues by appointment.

Wills, Estate and Probate

Most people put off writing their Will until a triggering event. That event might be a death in the family, or planning for a long trip. The reality is planning distribution of your property yourself is better than allowing the State Law to determine who receives your investments and other goodies.

Wills can be made to match your personal situation. I have experience working with clients and their financial advisors to create a proper estate plan for you. Once a person dies it is the responsibility of the family or personal representative to file the Will or apply for administration of an Interstate Estate.

How much does it cost to do a Will and Power of Attorney? The answer is: "It all depends." Yes it does depend on how much you own and or how much money you have. That is a fact of life. That is real. The less property you have the more simple the Will and Estate plan. For young couples starting out, a pair of “mirror image” wills might be sufficient. For people who have either built up assets or who are expecting to inherit assets from family members, the documents need to be more complex and therefore take more time and effort. If you potential estate is worth Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars or more, it could cost as much as ½ to 1 percent of the gross estate to create documents and a plan to properly divide the property as you desire. If all you need is a simple will to name your brother executor and leave the car to your nephew, it could cost as little as Seventy Five Dollars for a simple will.
Complex plans contain Trusts as well as Wills in order to take maximum advantage of the Inheritance tax laws.

Contracts and Negotiations

I have represented many clients over the years with their contract issues. The best time to have me review your contract is BEFORE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT. The contract may be for: employment; to rebuild your garage; to buy an apartment complex; to place a telecom tower on your land; buy your first house; to build your first house; to supply widgets to the trucking industry.
Going hand in hand with reviewing and negotiating contracts is the LAWSUIT. Litigation over the contract when things go bad. I have been involved with suits in both State and Federal Court, with defendants ranging from the plaintiffs father to multi-national corporations. I have helped to collect judgments from as close as Chester County to as far away as Saudi Arabia.
I think I have the experience to help you. Suing people can make you feel like you are righting a wrong, but litigation is both costly and time consuming. There is a great deal to consider in the balance. Just remember time is your enemy, you must bring suit within the time allotted by the Statute of Limitations which differs for different matters.


Chasing The Ambulance
Physical injuries
seem to bring about the most lawsuits. If you or your family member is injured as a result of an accidental fall or injury in a store or business, and that injury was caused by the store owner or operators negligence, you probably have a valid claim and should seek coverage through the store or business’s insurance or if that fails, through litigation. Not every accident is the fault of the store owner or operator. Not every injury is compensible. But if it is appropriate, your case would be handled on a contingency fee basis. The lawyers fee (the contingent fee) normally is a third of the recovery, some are less if settled prior to litigation, or more if the matter has to be appealed to ultimately win.

Contract disputes are the second largest area of litigation. Employment, Real Estate, Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements, promises to perform, failure to properly repair things, are just some of the reasons why people legitimately bring lawsuits against other people and or businesses. This litigation is typically brought in the County in which the parties reside. It can also be brought in the jurisdiction where the contract is to be performed. I am happy to consult with you regarding your potential for a lawsuit as well as your potential for being successful. If you need a specialist in litigation of certain issues, I will help you to find the right firm who specializes in that area of law. Sometimes I am able to participate in the litigation and earn a fee from the litigation, but in any case in which the fee is Contingent, you must have a written and signed Attorney-Client fee Agreement.

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